I Talked to a Fragrance Chemist

Who Happened to be an Absolute Stranger


Like other mid-20s gals, I spend a non-zero amount of time scrolling dating apps. Moses matched me, and while I had no inclination of dating Moses, I saw that his occupation was “Fragrance Chemist,” and I truly could not let the opportunity pass. I asked if I could simply record a cold phone call with him, and he was miraculously game.

This is our literal phone conversation of our first time ever speaking, and perhaps our last. I’ve never engaged with someone in this manner, but there is something so special about reflecting on something as intimate as our senses - how we move through the world, how we might never have the words to let each other know, and what it means to constantly seek a utopian vision.

Perhaps this was another manifestation of loneliness. But, also I think it was a brief glimpse at how even though we all smell, see, and sense in different ways, we seem to always be looking for the language of connection.

It’s a rather silly conversation, but I hope you enjoy, and let me know in the comments if you want more of this new medium I’m playing with.

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